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St. Edward All-Time Wrestling Results


Since 1959, St. Edward wrestlers have been very successful at the state tournament with 439 qualifiers over the past 60 years, of these, 326 have placed. 111 have won state titles; including four four-time state champs – Ryan Lang, Lance Palmer , Collin Palmer and Dean Heil. Eight have been three-time state champions – Alan Fried, Eddie Jayne, Mason Lenhard, Mark Jayne, Matt Koz, Sean Nemec, Jamie Clark, and Domenic Abounader. There have been fourteen two-time state champions – Phil Welch, Jim Heffernan, Greg Elinsky, Jeff Strauss, Sam Neider, Yoshi Nakamura, Mike Kulczycki, Andy Hrovat, Mark Moos, Brian Roddy, Gus Sako, Mark Martin, Bryce Andonian, and Bryce Hepner. St. Edward has the state record for the most individual state champions (111), most team championships (tournament format) (33), most state placers (326), most qualifiers (14) (twice, 2007 & 2012) at one state tournament. St. Edward has the Division I record for most team points (229) and placers (13, 2007) at the state tournament. St. Edward has also won the Ohio Dual Meet State Championship 4 times. 76 St. Edward Wrestlers have finished second, 55 have placed third, 28 have placed fourth, 31 have finished fifth, 23 have finished sixth, 2 have finished seventh, and 3 have finished eighth at the state tournament.

47 Sectional Championships (46 consecutive)


41 District Championships


34 OHSAA State Championships (tournament format)


5 OHSAA State Dual Meet Championships


11 National Championships


St. Edward Honor Roll of NCAA Champions

  • Jim Heffernan (Iowa) – Division I 1986
  • Greg Wright (Edinboro) – Division II 1986
  • Alan Fried (Oklahoma State) – Division I 1994
  • Ryan Bertin (Michigan) - Division I 2003
  • Ryan Bertin (Michigan) - Division I 2005
  • Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) - Division I 2016
  • Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) - Division I 2017

St. Edward Honor Roll of NAIA Champions

  • Duke McKean (Olivet Nazarene) 1992, 1993
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